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Hear what our participants have said about their experience

“What a gift to myself!”

From the first moment of arriving in this magical place I felt like I was coming alive again. I could not be more grateful for this time together. I feel re-awakened to all the beauty that is around me.” 

Mati Rose McDonough, artist

“The Wild Wonder retreat was an astonishingly beautiful gift I gave myself without realizing how much I needed it.

My heart feels sparked and alive again. My voice feels clear and found after a long time of being stifled. I am so grateful for the wonder and the writing, but mostly for the gift of the women witnessing one another in such safe, profound ways.” 

Kelly Rae Roberts, author and artist

A definite and beautiful win! 

I signed up for the Wild Writing Retreat on a whim—I knew I needed something to inject some life into my writing. When I showed up in San Miguel de Allende, I had no idea how much wild writing would transform my thinking and actual writing process, how much inspiration I gleaned from our environment, and how connected I would be to the beautiful women I was in community with. -Mirna Valerio

Mirna Valerio, ultra marathon runner + writer

Give yourself the gift of experiencing Wild Wonder with Laurie and Andrea!

It’s a gift of noticing, of connection, of experiencing the world in a unique and beautiful way.”

Rachel Bates, writing teacher, Salt Lake City

“I didn’t know I had magic in me until I went on this retreat with Laurie and Andrea.

This past week has taught me about the practice of being open, of trusting other women, opening to beauty and magic in ordinary things and allowing myself to be blown away by all of it.” – Erin Griffiths

Erin Griffiths, holistic psychologist

“I am coming away with a quiet confidence in the beauty of my imperfections.

Laurie is a gifted “doula” birthing unseen jewels hidden in our everyday messes. Andrea does the same with visuals – seeing what is around us with new eyes. The big surprise is how their combined gifts created community in such a meaningful way.” 

Cathy Rooney, writer