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Are you living an authentic life? Let’s explore your identity beyond the masks, stories and beliefs that might hold you back.


Learn how you can generate calm and ease though embodied mindfulness practices that work for YOU.


Imagine changing the way you speak to yourself so you can live with self-compassion.


Discover the inner wisdom you have on-tap ready to help you make decisions with ease.

Hi, I’m Kate McKenzie

I’m a coach, spiritual guide, artist and educator, based in the Portland, Oregon.

I worked for over a decade as a social worker, where I loved helping people, but I was burned out by the heaviness of needing to hold space for others in the most difficult of environments.

When I had my first child, I struggled with the idea of returning to the workforce. I’d also lost pieces of myself in the process. Who was I now that I had become a mother and lost my identity as a social worker? This is where my journey began to learn the principles I support clients within Sacred & Soulful.

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